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19-20 July 2014

clock July 20, 2014 14:26 by author Rohit

From last one week I have been exploring Google Plus. It has changed a lot and the mobile app. is also very good. It is more diverse as compared to Facebook which is limited to friends and family.

Some Google Plus communities are active with plenty of users. I got instant responses on my queries on Samsung Galaxy Note 3. From Google Plus communities I came to know about Theme Launchers like Nova.

I also came across F-Secure Key, a secure password manager which synchronizes your passwords across devices. The sync option is available on monthly subscription basis. All your passwords are synced across PCs, phones and other devices. This is really handy when you are traveling.


Thanks Giving

clock June 29, 2014 22:34 by author Rohit

“Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot” ~Hausa Proverb

Just finished reading a post on keeping a Gratitude Journal. It reminds me of several good things, small and big, for which I should be thankful. As is rightly said:

"The more you feel gratitude for what you have, the more you will get to be thankful for".

Keeping a gratitude journal is an easy way to see positivity in life. It also helps enjoy those small moments of happiness that you just ignore in the hope to find a bigger moment of happiness.

While I am thinking to keep this journal on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, there are several online tools you can use:

  1. Grateful 160
  2. I am Thankful
  3. Thankful For
  4. Gratitude 365 App.

New Year Resolution 2014

clock January 11, 2014 21:49 by author Rohit

So here is my New Year Resolution for 2014:

  1. Exercise daily. Keep fit and energetic. Set weight-loss milestones.
  2. Read two books each month. One Fiction, One Non-Fiction.
  3. Learn something new each week related to existing skill set.
  4. Learn one new technology.
  5. Clear one certification.
  6. Join one more degree course. An add-on to existing qualifications.
  7. Post on blog regularly. One post every Saturday.


A new year gift to myself

clock January 1, 2014 10:55 by author Rohit


After a long delay, discussions, plans and reviews, I finally decided to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Purchased on 31st-December-2013, a new year gift to myself.



Why I write so much?

clock December 22, 2013 12:27 by author Rohit

Few colleagues tossed a question: "Rohit, why you write so much?". This post is an answer to end this debate. It is also imperative to highlight the points to them because they are among those few who regularly check my blogs (IRohitable, My Days My Life and Zing Life).

To start with, I want to tell you when and why I started writing. It all started in the year 2006. I started a daily journal of day-to-day happenings. It was only later 2009 when I realized the real benefits of writing. My life had taken a U-turn and I wanted to keep myself occupied with any constructive activity. My blog, Zing Life, is the result of this U-turn. While writing posts for Zing Life I realized, writing not only keeps you busy but also syncs your actions with your goals. My day-to-day journal also became voluminous and I moved most of the incidents online. I later made this journal private.

My blog, IRohitable, is a collection of problems and solutions. It is more like a professional blog. It covers everything related to my day job as a Software Developer. I write here to learn. It is a human tendency that if you write something you far better remember it then simply reading it. Also, when your writing is available online, you get variety of feedback from people around the globe. And when it is related to programming or something conceptual, you should be ready for strong criticism. This criticism helps you dig deeper in understanding the concept clearly.

This blog, My Days My Life, is a place where I share things not related to my professional life. These are not-so-private things which can be shared with close friends.

In the end I want to sum up the benefits of writing and want to tell you, frankly, that I am not a professional writer. Still much needs to be learned. There are several blogs which I regularly read and, at the end of the day, feel how little I know about expressing myself professionally and clearly.

Therefore, my friends, I write because:

  1. It syncs my actions with my goals. It syncs my Mind, Body and Soul.
  2. I become a better person when my post reminds me to behave accordingly. Live what you write.
  3. I can express myself better with writing.
  4. Writing helps me dig deeper.
  5. Writing brings discipline in life.
  6. Writing helps me to remember things longer than mere reading.
  7. It keeps me busy.

Last but not the least, I am an avid reader as well. I love books, mostly non-fiction.

Photos of Conclave

clock December 19, 2013 23:06 by author Rohit

My company organized a Conclave in Bangalore where I also presented. Below are the photos:






Ten points highlight my schedule on business days

clock December 19, 2013 00:44 by author Rohit

These days I am getting little time to fulfill my passion. From 9 am to 10 pm, the day is tightly occupied. Though office timings are 11 am to 9 pm (50 Hours a week) but including commuting time, it extends 1 hour on both sides.

A typical schedule on business days is:

  1. Keep snoozing alarm till it is 8:00 am.
  2. 8:30 am - Check comments on my blog and mails. Read few inspirational posts on other blogs.
  3. By 9:45 am, get ready and wait for call from cab driver.
  4. Reach office by 10:30 AM and check mails.
  5. 11:00 AM - rush to office cafeteria to have morning breakfast. Usually, butter toast with Corn Flakes.
  6. 11:40 AM - 9:00 PM: Office Work. Mess up and beat head with code.
  7. 09:30 PM - Dinner in a cafe.
  8. 10:00 PM - Reach my room. Turn ON television with News Channel and simultaneously check personal mails, blog comments, social-networking sites. Read technical articles or do small R&D things.
  9. 12:00 AM -Change television channel for old Hindi songs and switch off lights.
  10. 12:30 AM - Eyes become like Garfield. Turn off television from main switch near my bed. This turns off refrigerator as well because both have same connection. Who cares.

Want to start a company? Start by working in a good company.

clock June 15, 2013 09:15 by author Rohit

Recently read somewhere that if you want to be a good entrepreneur, spend some time working in good companies. My present company is one such company. Continuous improvement and best practices are its core values. It has several websites for internal use like:

  1. It has its social networking site similar to facebook which is to be used by employees only.
  2. A micro-blogging site similar to twitter where employees can post short streams and share information.
  3. A blogging tool where employees can create their own blogs to share their knowledge with colleagues.
  4. A website which enable employees to take trainings online.
  5. A website to get financial information anytime. Employees can set compensation plan, download salary slips and submit tax related information.
  6. An idea submission site where employees are encouraged to submit ideas on a regular basis. Each idea is analyzed and short-listed. There is an execution plan for selected ideas.
  7. A website for grievances.
  8. A website to track transportation.
  9. A website to share technical documents, tutorial videos and research works.
  10. A website to recognize your colleagues for their good work.
  11. A website from which employees can download employment proof, address proof letters.

And many other online initiatives.

Top priorities for August 2012

clock July 29, 2012 00:07 by author Administrator

Long term resolutions soon fade away and you loose enthusiasm. Short term goals, baby steps, increase will-power and enthusiasm to move further. I also found written resolutions to be more effective. It is rightly said:

"A Goal not written is just another dream"

So my top priorities for August 2012 are below. This list also includes shopping.

  1. Reduce weight. Includes brisk walking and three to four days workout at nearest gym.
  2. Hands on new technology (Ruby).
  3. Join electronic guitar class.
  4. Buy digital camera.

Technorati : :

A resolution to contact five new potential clients daily

clock June 18, 2012 23:40 by author Rohit

Relatively low from a Salesman perspective, but enough in two-three hours time. I have a permanent day job where I am working as a Lead Developer. After office hours I have three hours time to invest in marketing my business. So how this resolution of contacting five customers daily initiated?

Well, thanks to Amway seminar held last year in my city. I attended the seminar on request of my neighbor, an active Amway Sales person. I had no wish to attend initially but on my neighbor's intense request, I attended the seminar. I knew I won't loose anything but I will definitely gain something.

One senior Amway member, in his speech, impressed me. He was telling his story of how he started network building many years before when he was a newbie member of Amway. He made a resolution to contact at least ten new potential customers daily after his office hours without any second thought in his mind. Whether a customer would buy his product or become a member under his leg (stream) was not an issue, he said. What was important, than, was to keep building the network and give away his business card. According to him, he was satisfied with the fact that his business card is reaching ten new customers daily and his network of product awareness is growing.

Days became months and months converted into an year. No good news and this chap got disappointed. "I simply broke down", he said. He contacted Amway and someone guided him to keep patience and carry on with his resolution.

Soon a day came when a customer contacted him regarding his products. One customer brought more customers and soon he had many active members under him.

His courage and perseverance touched me. When I started marketing a month ago for my products and services, I had his speech in mind. I made a resolution to contact five new potential clients daily without giving any second thought on rejection. In this short span of time marketing my products, I have not closed many leads, but what makes me happy is that I am not rejected either. Closing a deal is just taking time but it will soon close.